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Spanish School

The Hibiscus Spanish School is for students aiming to improve their Spanish language capabilities while gaining first-hand cultural exposure living in Costa Rica. It is an excellent add-on to any of our programs or for dedicated students as a stand alone program.


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Spanish School
Private Spanish Lessons
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Group Spanish Lessons

We offer the following options for Spanish School:

-Spanish Classes Only (2 or 4 Hours)

-Spanish School Complete Program with Housing and Meals with 2 or 4 Hours of classes 5 Days a Week

Private lessons are offered on-demand or in set packages. Private lessons offer more flexible schedules based around the student’s preferences and course content which is more adaptable to your specific needs.

Private Lessons are $20/Hour - Please contact us directly to coordinate scheduling of these classes

Stand Alone Programs include Accommodations, Airport Assistance, and Spanish School.

Classes start every Monday and are held from Monday to Friday for all Spanish levels. If is not possible for the student to start the program on Monday is important to notify to the Hibiscus Team and we will work with you.

Group lessons may either be two or four classroom hours daily, lessons are given in groups of a maximum of 10 students in order to provide each student the best level of interaction with the Spanish Teacher and other students.

The program group lessons are designed to allow for adequate time to undertake activities outside of the classroom such as other program compliments.

Latin Field Study:

We also offer Latin Dance Class, Costa Rican Cooking Classes, and Cultural or Historical Excursions - Interested? Ask us how to join in on the fun!