Hibiscus Learning Experiences Abroad Testimonials

"Our coordinator was amazing even before we left the States. She was able to take care of everything from the moment we landed until the moment we left Costa Rica. Hibiscus travels location is great way to experience the best of Puntarenas, Costa Rica. My group & I were able to work on cleaning the beach, soup kitchen & feeding homeless & helping at Hogar. The entire experience was amazing & unforgettable. I will definently work again with Hibiscus travels."

"We were able to work with Casey for pre-travel with efficient time response and flexibility! Hibiscus Travels was the absolute best! Genuine and pure customer service! All three service projects set up for us was well organized, extremely efficient, and we felt humbled and proud of the service we shared with Puntarenas. Hibiscus Travels also executed our meals and transportation very well! Unforgettable experience!"

"Hibiscus travel was amazing! It was the perfect way to get to know Costa Rica while making a difference in the community. They had great service options, each one was amazing. The coordinators always make sure you have a fabulous experience no matter the circumstance. It is very easy to get along with the Hibiscus staff and the house itself. It felt as if I was at home. The meals are great and a big money saver ! The people from each project site are wonderful are very caring. The service doesn't even feel like work. The people in charge of each site are always willing to teach more about Costa Rica so you can fit right in. Apart from service projects, Hibiscus offers great opportunities for adventure. I am definitely considering returning once again. Fell in love with the program as well as the city of Puntarenas itself. I recommend staying with Hibiscus Travels."

"Thank you so much hibiscus travels for having me in Costa Rica. The tours on the packet were absolutely beautifuL. I stayed in Costa Rica for about a month. I signed up to volunteer at the orphanage and had an absolutely amazing experience with the beautiful little kids. The house that we were placed in was spacious and had a beautiful view. I met life long friends, traveled through the beautiful Costa Rica and learned Spanish while I was there. Thanks for much for the great experience! PURA VIDA"

"I had a great time volunteering in Costa Rica! This program exceeded my expectations & I would definitely do it again."

"My girlfriend and I recently spent a week volunteering with hibiscus. She and I are both fourth year medical students and wanted to spend the short time we had after board exams to do a little good and have a little fun. in Puntarenas, Costa Rica we got that and more. at the local clinic, we worked hands-on with doctors and nurses whom we aided in providing direct patient care. And when we weren't volunteering we were enjoying all of what beautiful Costa Rica had to offer. we repelled down cliffs and waterfalls, hiked through the jungle, cooled out at the beach, kicked it with some crocodiles, hung out with sloths, hiked through another jungle, went up a volcano, and had a couple cold ones in the hot springs, to name a few things. and the staff is great. we had a lot of fun spending time and hanging out with lthe coordinators. they both make themselves available for whatever you may need, and Aaron is like a walking smiling encyclopedia, full of interesting facts and anecdotes. we met cool people and made new friends, we helped care for costa rica's sick and underserved, and we had an absolutely amazing time. all in all, we give costa rica and Hibiscus two thumbs up!

"Had a great week in Costa Rica gaining some health feild skills & exploring Costa Rica with my pharmacy classmates!"

"I am Madeleine Steele & I did the marine project for three weeks in Puntarenas & now I am interning for one week for Hibiscus Alternative Travels. I have had the most amazing time. I have made so many friends & met so many amazing people. I have had the chance to travel all over the pacific coast of Costa Rica with my new friends to places like Montezuma, Tamarindo, Brasilito, & Jaco which are all gorgeous places that I recommend you visit if you come. I have learned a lot about caring for & rehabilitating marine animals. My time here in Costa Rica has also allowed me to improve GREATLY improve my Spanish. Before I came here I could barely put a sentence together, & now I am chatting with people at work. If you are somebody wanting to step outside of your every day routine to learn about the world & grow from new experiences, then Hibiscus Alternative Travels is for you. This experience has moved me as a person, & after coming here for 3 weeks, I have decided that I want to go into the tourism industry because I now know how necessary it is to learn about other countries & people in order to grow as a person. "

"I have had a great experience in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Our accomadations at the volunteer house have been excellent. All of the vlunteers who I have encountered have been great also. There is more than enough food, AC, and basic necessities offered and I feel as if I am making a home of my own here. The clinic I am volunteering at offers many opportunities to practice my spanish as well as to help the attending physician and nurses who work there. I have been able to work full time of about 36 plus hours a week and truly appreciate everything that has come out of this program."

"Very good! Hibiscus travels was the best!!"