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University Spanish

Earn University Spanish Credits while enjoying and learning in Costa Rica!


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For-Credit Courses
Spanish Program
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SPN 2200 Intermediate Spanish I, 3 credits

SPN 2201 Intermediate Spanish II, 3 credits

SPN 2240 Spanish Conversation and Comp I, 3 credits

SPN 2241 Spanish Conversation and Comp II, 3 credits

SPN 2249 Study Abroad Working Experience 1-3 credit(s)

*Includes 45 hour course instruction, 3 credits per course, cultural activities, registration, support, and 1-3 credits SPC

45 hours one-on-one = $2,019

45 hours group (2-3 students) = $1,698





SPN 1120 Elementary Spanish I, 4 credits

SPN 1121 Elementary Spanish II, 4 credits

60 hours one-on-one = $2,724

60 hours group (2-3 students) = $2,346

*Includes 60 hours course instruction, 4 credits per course, cultural activities, registration, support, and 1-3 credits SPC one-on-one or 4-9 credits SPC for group class

Housing: We offer both dormitory apartment style housing and host-family stays

Program Duration: Semester-Long

Compliments to Studies: Volunteering or Internship Placement

Meals: 2 meals provided daily

Transportation: Local bus or bike rentals available

Excursions: Fun weekend excursions to explore and learn in a safe educational environment.

We offer support with your transfer credit from our home university to yours. Please email us or call for assistance or questions in regards to your unviersity credit transfer.

Latin Field Study:

We also offer Latin Dance Class, Costa Rican Cooking Classes, and Cultural or Historical Excursions - Interested? Ask us how to join in on the fun!

Classes start every Monday and are held from Monday to Friday for all Spanish levels. If is not possible for the student to start the program on Monday is important to notify to the Hibiscus Team and we will work with you.