Learn and experience up close with us at a local medical facility in Costa Rica. Gain medical experience while learning from friendly and professional doctors and paramedics. Shadow and volunteer under the supervision of well-trained medical professionals.  This placement gives volunteers an opportunity to experience how being a medical professional would be, while also expanding their knowledge of the field through a hands on experience.

Volunteers  help from the moment a patient arrives by greeting them in a professional manner, filling their charts with medical history and current medical problem, taking their stats and vital signs, and more depending on the emergencies and patients that come in that day. Tasks are usually based on the participant’s experience, studies, and capacity to learn. Qualified volunteers  will also have the chance to assist the paramedics and ride in the ambulance in the case of emergencies with the first response paramedic team.

Participants tasks vary greatly depending on their skills, experience, and studies. In some cases, participants will only be allowed to shadow, in others they will be allowed to interact with the patients. Participants will be expected to be be professional at all times as well as respectful and self-starters (able to recognize what needs to be done or who needs to be helped). participants will help with charts, vitals, shots, possibly assistance in ambulance rides, and much more. This is a hands-on position and we try to put participants in a position to learn through experience in a safe and professional atmosphere. participants will attend to patients varying needs All medical volunteers must bring scrubs and evidence of their level of education and experience.




Participate with us in physical therapy in Costa Rica. Gain physical therapy experience while learning from some of the most friendliest and helpful therapists. Shadow and work under the supervision of well-trained and certified therapist.  This placement gives participants an opportunity to experience how being a physical therapist professional would be while expanding their knowledge of the field through hands on field experience. Participants may work in a number of fields and will have the experience to interact with many patients in varying atmospheres including: sports therapy, private practice therapy, occupational therapy, and more.


Participants may work in a variety of settings including private practices, hospitals, elderly homes, community workshops, and more.






This project includes veterinary work including animal care, spay/neuter events in the community, vaccination clinics, learning and assisting in veterinary procedures, and animal welfare education. Due to the culture in Latin America in general, animals are generally not looked upon as integral members of the family as they are in more developed countries. Unfortunately, this plays a large role in animals being neglected or abandoned in the streets or rural areas. The chances of injury, abandonment, abuse, or illness are very high therefore. Interns in this program will spend a minimum of four weeks learning and gaining experience under a certified veterinarian. Participate and shadow  in some of the procedures, consultations, and emergency response calls for hurt or injured animals. Interns will attend multiple veterinary offices, shelters, and work with agricultural animals (cows, bulls, horses, etc.) upon request.


Vet students advanced in their study are also able to put on castration campaigns in indigenous communities. with our local veterinarians and shelters.