Hibiscus Travels: Learning Abroad Experiences is a Program Provider offering a multitude of travel opportunities in Costa Rica, with headquarters based in Texas. We were officially founded in 2013. We offer meaningful learning abroad trips at an affordable price. Not only can you make an impact on the world, you can do it with ease as Hibiscus Travels takes care of all planning aspects of your trip for you. Hibiscus Travels offers meaningful experiences abroad for interns, students, adventure-seekers, educators, volunteers & those looking to relocate to paradise. Our goal is to continue to make a positive lasting impact on our participants & members of the community.

We work with:

  • Higher Learning Institutions (middle school, high school, colleges and universities) as a Study Abroad Program Provider with respective professors and departments that allow students to learn outside of the classroom and expand their worldview

  • Volunteers interested in helping abroad

  • Interns looking for abroad internships or completion of hour requirements for credits


Programs focus on the following areas: conservation, community service, medicine, empowerment, animal welfare, and specialized programs depending on needs and requirements of the participant. Hibiscus partners with professional organizations, both governmental and non-governmental that are specialized in their respective work.

Hibiscus has successfully organized thousands of  abroad experiences for higher learning institutions.

We believe learning does not always happen within four walls and that experiential learning is extremely valuable to education and personal growth.



Hibiscus Travels specializes in Study Abroad and group travel. We offer educators customized Study Abroad Programs including all aspects of travel arrangements. We offer the following types of Study Abroad programs:


Study Abroad For-Credit: Hibiscus provides all-inclusive programs (all trip-related logistic management) with specific subject-fields and targeted learning goals in mind. We are currently taking Educator applications as Group Leaders for 2022.

We have available an extensive list of universities and recommendations from previous institutions and educators who have partnered us as a program provider. For more information please call +1(833)444-2472.

Service Learning: Hibiscus provides service learning through volunteering and internships. Participants may gain volunteer hours or internship experience abroad through our organized programs towards university requirements. 

Internships: For-credit and for-experience.

Language Learning: We prepare our students for living and teaching English abroad through our TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certification program. We also share the beautiful culture and language of Spanish with our students in our Spanish School.

Skill Schools: Customized Yoga Retreats and Surf School

Excursions: Hibiscus shares the beautiful scenery, interesting culture, and thrill-seeking adventures with our participants through our tours and excursions.