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Veterinary Internship with Exotic Animals

Project Information

This project includes veterinary work including animal care, vaccinations, learning and assisting in veterinary procedures and the exotic animal rescue needs, and animal welfare education.. Interns in this program will spend a minimum of two weeks learning and gaining experience under a certified veterinarian. Participate and shadow in some of the procedures, consultations, and emergency response calls for hurt or injured animals. This project aims to rehabilitate many different types of tropical species like sloths, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, toucans, and more that have been injured or illegally held captive. Here these animals receive the care they need in order to survive on their own in the wild or lifetime care if needed. The majority of the animals are being rehabilitated or nursed to health in order to be released back into their natural habitats.

Participants in this project will be expected to be open minded, patient, caring, and self-starters (able to recognize what needs to be done or who needs to be helped). Participants help with the rehabilitation and will give general care for the animals in the shelter. Participants are expected to maintain a professional attitude and help with whatever task (cleaning, feeding, playing, walking, giving medications, etc..) as needed.

Additional Information

A strong desire to learn under a trained veterinarian and professionalism at all times.

Skills & Qualifications

In decent physical condition and able to work in rustic conditions. Minimum of two weeks time commitment. Able to work with large variety of animals.



Volunteer's Role

Where will WE stay?

Participants have the option to either stay with well-screened host families or at our headquarters depending mainly on availability and preference. Should participants have a preference, they should let our in-country coordinator know as soon as possible-in their application. We try to accommodate preferences. Host Families are well-screened and offer participants a shared bathroom, private bedroom, electricity, and running water.Headquarters housing offers participants shared bathrooms, hostel-style bedrooms, electricity, running water, and WiF.Participants receive three light traditional meals per day at either accommodations.

What will we eat?

Participants will be given 3 meals per day. Keep in mind that food will be typical Costa Rican food, so participants may want to bring snacks like granola or protein bars with them to the project site.

What Will our Schedule Look like?

Participants will work a minimum of 4 hours per day, 6 days per week.

What can we do in our freetime?

Yes! Not only will you be located in a beautiful part of Costa Rica, close to nature, we can also work with your group to schedule planned activities.