Pre-Nursing and General Healthcare Internship

Project Information

Learn and experience up close with us at a local medical facility in Costa Rica. Gain medical experience while learning from friendly and professional doctors and paramedics. Shadow and volunteer under the supervision of well-trained medical professionals. This placement gives participants an opportunity to experience how being a medical professional would be, while also expanding their knowledge of the field through a hands on experience.participants help from the moment a patient arrives by greeting them in a professional manner, filling their charts with medical history and current medical problem, taking their stats and vital signs, and more depending on the emergencies and patients that come in that day. Tasks are usually based on the participant’s experience, studies, and capacity to learn. Volunteers are typically placed in an elderly home, hospital, or clinic.

Beginner to intermediate knowledge of Spanish is preferred (but not mandatory). If a participant cannot speak Spanish, we suggest that he or she enrolls in our Spanish language program as it will make their stay and experience more rewarding for both the participant and the elderly being cared for. There are no specific qualifications needed to join this participant project in Costa Rica. All participants are expected to be open-minded, flexible, patient, and possess a passion and love for the participant service they are providing. Participants should come prepared with their passport in-hand for their first day of participation. **All Healthcare participants must bring scrubs and evidence of their level of education and experience.**

Additional Information

While Spanish is not mandatory, please consider that your role while in this program will largely be determined by how well you can communicate- with patients. We also frequently work with educational institutions to make sure that internship roles fulfill the requirements of the Participant institutes. A strong desire to learn about medical field, this program is best for medical students or students interested in pursuing a degree or job in the medical field.

Skills & Qualifications

Over 17 years old, proof of First Aid and CPR required. Health insurance required. Basic Spanish level preferred but not required.



Volunteer's Role


Participants have the option to either stay with well-screened host families or at our headquarters depending mainly on availability and preference. Should participants have a preference, they should let our in-country coordinator know as soon as possible-in their application. We try to accommodate preferences. Host Families are well-screened and offer participants a shared bathroom, private bedroom, electricity, and running water. Headquarters housing offers participants shared bathrooms, hostel-style bedrooms, electricity, running water, and WiFi. Participants receive three light traditional meals per day at either accommodations.


Participants will be given 3 meals per day. Keep in mind that food will be typical Costa Rican food, so participants may want to bring snacks like granola or protein bars with them to the project site.


Participants will work a minimum of 4 hours per day, 5 days per week.


Yes! Evenings and weekends are for you to spend either relaxing, or doing pre planned excursions and activities. We have partnerships with various tour groups to offer participants a number of fun things they can do in addition to their Spanish Immersion Service. Some of the activities we are happy to help plan for your group are: Zip Lining, ATV Tours, Surf Lessons, Beach Days, Tours and Sightseeing, Snorkeling, Boat Tours, Horseback Riding