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Exotic Animals Rehabilitation & Rescue

Project Information

This project aims to rehabilitate many different types of tropical species like sloths, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, toucans, and more that have been injured or illegally held captive.


Here, these animals receive the care they need in order to survive on their own in the wild or receive the care needed to live a happy life in the sanctuary.

Participants live on site and help with many different essential tasks for the animal sanctuary. In the morning, participants help prepare the fruits and vegetables for all the animals on site. They might also help feed and bathe the animals. participants help to socialize and take care of animals staying in the sanctuary that cannot be replaced back into the wild. After these duties have been completed, the participants help with other tasks around the sanctuary that may include yard work, cleaning, and helping care for their garden. The majority of the animals are being rehabilitated in order to be released back into their natural habitats.

Additional Information


Skills & Qualifications

In decent physical condition and able to work in rustic conditions. There is a minimum of two weeks time commitment for this project



Volunteer's Role

Where will WE stay?

Participants will live in a shared dormitory style housing with other participants. The project site is fairly remote, however, there is electricity and running water.

What will we eat?

Participants will be given 3 meals per day. Keep in mind that food will be typical Costa Rican food, so participants may want to bring snacks like granola or protein bars with them to the project site.

What Will our Schedule Look like?

Participants will work a minimum of 4 hours per day, 6 days per week.

What can we do in our freetime?

Yes! Not only will you be located in a beautiful part of Costa Rica, close to nature, we can also work with your group to schedule planned activities.